2021/2022 • Futsal Men • Squad-In-Numbers

Squad details for the following match(es).

Pending match(es)
02/09/2021 Home Brazil 3rd since 2018/19
04/09/2021 Home Brazil 4th since 2018/19

Squad facts
Selection date 17/08/2021 (Tuesday)
Training camp start 28/08/2021 (Saturday)
Training camp venue Toruń (Poland)
All called up 17 players
Originally called up 17 players
Added 0 players
Injured 0 players
Released 0 players
Out of Covid-19 0 players
Suspended 0 players
Standby 0 players

Represented leagues
Polish 16 players (94%)  Native 16 (94%) 
Spanish 1 player (6%)  Foreign 1 (6%) 

Players ABCs
The youngest Sebastian Grubalski 21y 9m 16d
The oldest Bartłomiej Nawrat 37y 1m 2d
Captain Michał Kubik 31y 3m 10d

Potential debutant(s)
Jakub K±kol25y 0m 13d
Kamil Surmiak22y 7m 20d

Age at the selection date